Unified Print Design

Having a unified and clean print design will determine weather your target audience will really see your message. When your design is clean and appealing to the eye, it will make a much larger impact. Beautiful design not only shows your audience that you care for your product or services but it also brings your business to a more professional level. I have worked on a variety of print mediums ranging from business cards or trade show graphics. See how I can help you.

Logo Design

Your logo is your name, it’s your mark and it’s what people will remember. It is the initial impression so you want to make sure you have a well designed and clean logo that will represent your business.

Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression when you meet a potential client. It is far more memorable when you hear a someone comment on your business cards in high regards. They are more likely to remember you and keep your information.

Resume Books

Sometimes when you’re bidding for business, you need top notch company resume booklet that showcases all your key employees and their skills. You want to make an impression, make sure it’s easy to read and well organized.

Logo Designs

Company Branding Designs

Marketing with Print Design

Print design comes in a number of different mediums. Direct mail, brochures, booklets, magazines ads, inserts to name a few. It is important to know your audience and understand which form will be most effective. Print material can easily be tossed away if you aren’t able to capture their attention. That is why having good design and a clear message is key in your print marketing.


Sometimes you need a more dynamic way of presenting your facts. Think outside the box and rather than ordinary bullet points, why not try a more graphical option. Infographics are a great way to keep attention and help highlight key points in your message. When you want to capture your target audience with clear and to the point facts, then I can design you an impactful infographic to achieve just that.

PowerPoint & Keynote

Presentations are always important to have. No matter if you prefer PowerPoint or Keynote, both have great opportunity to teach, inform and update your clients. In any business that uses these types of presentations on a regular basis, it is also important to have a consistency between them. I can design templates that you can use and update as you need. But if you have a huge opportunity and need something a little more customized, I am here to help as well.

Stand Out at Trade Shows

When you have a booth at a trade show, you want to be unique. To stand out and be the one everyone is talking about. Graphics can make that visual impact. But not just any graphics. You want to make sure your message is clear, clean and eye catching. With the number of booths at trade shows, you want to make sure you capture the audience and potentially get their business. I have worked on a number of trade show graphics and can help.

An Event To Remember

Events are special and you have so much to plan and factor in. Let your print designs and invitations be stress-free. I have worked on a number of events, utilizing signage, invitations, banners and so much more. I can help your next event stand out and make a statement.