Custom Website Design

I have custom designed websites for many years. Having an Art Director background, I have helped build art departments from one or two designers to a larger, much more productive group of artists – both in-house and off-site. I have worked with a number of different clients, all with website needs. I understand what it takes to build a website from start to finish. If you want a custom website, I can design and work with developers to make that happen. View Samples below or take a look at my portfolio.

Custom Websites Using WordPress

I am definitely a fan of WordPress. Not only can you save a ton of hours and money for your clients, but you can customize the site specific to your clients needs. Utilizing the functions that each theme provides allows you to focus on the message, the execution and the user experience 100%. I have worked with a number of WordPress themes including various plugins and features that allow you to customize your sites endlessly. I have many examples of sites I’ve designed and built using WordPress, including my very own portfolio site as well as my photography site. If you are on a budget but need a user friendly website, then this is your best option!

Responsive Themes

I will only use and recommend themes that allow for responsive design. The majority of themes I use also allows me to customize the WordPress theme specifically to the size of the device you’re using. So you can rest assure that your site will always work properly on any device. Now your focus is purely on getting your message out.

Connect With Your Audience

Email campaigns and newsletters are by far the best way to keep your audience informed and up-to-date with the latest news, services and specials happening within your company. I have worked with a variety of newsletters from designing them from scratch, utilizing and updating an existing html newsletter to using intuitive software such as Mailchimp to organize, maintain and design your campaigns specific to you. Depending on your needs, I can help you stay connected with your target audience and suggest the best options available to use with your website and email campaigns.

LinkedIn is a great business tool to stay connected with your audience as well as help build upon it. Utilizing the company page features, showcase pages and your own person profiles, you have a vast amount of options to help your company stand out from the rest.

FaceBook company pages as you know, will target a certain audience. Being a very popular social media platform, you want to make sure you maintain and design your company page to standout and continuously be updated with the latest changes happening within your company.

Twitter is another well known and well used platform in social media. Don’t just use the basic features but also utilize the custom design options it offers to brand your twitter page. Focus on an overall consistency with your marketing, including your social media marketing.